Food Safety

At ACM Food Safety is our Number One Priority

Our innovative technologies and sanitary facility design ensure a safe and high-quality food processing and handling environment. We utilize automated software, barcoding, and advanced RF technologies to provide strict traceability throughout the manufacturing process, while our HAACP Food Safety and GMP compliant safeguards provide accountability.

We Utilize

  • Stainless Steel Processing Equipment
  • Plant Wide Environmental Intervention System that destroys airborne microbes
  • 100% traceability and recall robustness via a barcoding production system integrated with the general ledger
  • Positive Air Pressure and Filtration Systems throughout the production facility
  • Seamless Epoxy Floors
  • Sloped Curbs and Structural Support Pillars to minimize standing water
  • Plant supply lines from the attic to increase cleanliness
  • Access controlled perimeter grounds and facility
  • Custom designed product specification database