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Who we are

We excel in military, retail, foodservice, schools, and private label processing

We were founded by industry veterans determined to gain control of their protein supply-chain to satisfy the strict quality specifications of their customers. From the beginning we have relied on a top-down commitment to safety, quality, and a desire to exceed our customer expectations for safety, quality, and value.

Located in the heart of the California Central Valley, ACM is a high quality, full-line, portion controlled further processor of beef, pork, and poultry for the Military, Retail, Foodservice, and School channels. We are USDA inspected and pass our BRC audits consistently with an A rating. We prioritize safety and quality over everything else that we do, and we believe that success is obtained by holding true to these values.

Our plant was built from the ground up with two focuses: food safety and product customization. Our goal is to offer our partner companies products that you can be proud to feed to your friends and family, meet or exceed the highest safety standards, meet your exact specifications, and taste delicious. All while working to keep costs as low as possible utilizing cutting edge technology, manufacturing processes that increase efficiency, the knowledge and skill of our maintenance and fabrication team, and our decades of cumulative experience and knowledge in the meat industry.


Our team consists of culinary, manufacturing, food safety, and fabrication experts which helps to drive our success. Having staff in-house and on site working on a daily basis means that we are more timely, responsive, and able to address any complications, changes, or problems in a more efficient manner.


Our team, and our passion for food and people, is what makes our R&D department great and sets us apart from others.

At ACM we are a group of problem solvers, offering quick and nimble collaborative/culinary driven product development.

Focus categories of product development:

  • Brand new products to the world
  • Additions to an existing product line
  • Improvements & revisions of existing products
  • Repositioning product or brand
  • Cost reductions on products while maintaining quality and flavor
  • Meeting strict nutritional requirements

Maintenance and Fabrication

At ACM one of the foundations of our successful operations is our Maintenance and Fabrication team. With the knowledge and skills that this team possesses they are able to fabricate, modify, and repair our equipment when needed without having to suffer through long wait times to order in parts or bring in repair specialists. Typical equipment repair lead time for plants is 8-12 weeks, we cut that in half!

The team is intimately familiar with every piece of equipment on the production floor and they can customize equipment to meet our specific needs. They increase our flexibility, ability to customize product, and they help to reduce cost and downtime!

In our Ready-to-Eat room they customized two sets of scales that sit over our rollstock equipment and automatically separate and weigh meatballs before dropping them into the making for packing. These scales have decreased labor, over/under pack sizes, as well as increased over all efficiencies on the line.

Our custom-built steam ovens allow us to cook product in bags, which increases tenderness, moisture, and allows the item to retain its natural juices. These custom ovens exceed standard manufacturing equipment in regard to capacity and efficiency!


At ACM we understand that a major component of running a successful business is a commitment to sustainability.

We recognize the importance of energy conservation, increased efficiencies, and reduced environmental impact for not only the environment but also for the bottom line. As a result, we continuously strive to implement new and innovative strategies to increase our sustainability and reduce our impact.

A few of the many steps we have taken to increase sustainability include:

  • The entire plant operates on a closed loop recycling program which reduces waste entering the landfill
  • Recycling oil, grease, mechanical fluids, as well as corrugated and plastics
  • Installation of a nitrogen tunnel off of our steam oven line, cooling product in 15 minutes instead of an hour, and increasing product yield
  • Motion detection LED lightening are utilized throughout the plant so that empty areas do not waste energy
  • Polyurethane insulated walling maintains desired ambient temperatures in every area of the plant which allows for increased efficient use of our automated cooling and freezer systems
  • Utilization of Eco-Friendly packaging
  • High Efficiency refrigeration compressors, air compressors, blast freezers, and hot water boilers to reduce energy.

We are continuously looking for new and innovative ways to decrease our environmental impact and carbon footprint to create a sustainable future for us, your business, and the planet.